Linear Cycle Productions

North Hills, California - 91393-2608 - USA

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Specializing of the preservation of still and moving imagery

Linear Cycle Productions, maintained and managed by Rich Borowy, is a company that specializes in the preservation of still and moving imagery, both as commercial/professional and non-commercial/amateur elements.

Each photographic image as a print, negative, 35mm slide, or related transparency, is digitized from its original source and converted to a high quality JPEG image.


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No matter what the photographic image attributes, every single snapshot is viewed and treated with the utmost respect and care for what the photo holds. It can be a memory of a time gone by, or a significant study detailing upon a historical period of the domestic family and related lifestyle as seen through the photographer.

Now these images can become available to observe for academic study, image reference, or even for general amusement.